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Alumni Association

MECRC laid the foundation of its ALUMNI ASSOCIATION under the dynamic leadership of CA Kamal Mehta (Chairman, MECRC) & an unnerving guidance of Prof. (Dr.) V. K. Bhansali in 2009. As a matter of fact, most of the reputed schools & colleges have an association of such kind so as to harbour a harmonious bonding & a cordial relationship between the institution & the ex-students. The ex-students are all agog when they get to meet their pals with whom they have shared some of the best moments of their lives. Such an association is a must for every institution, for it's the only means to portray a sense of affection, a feeling of oneness & also to depict fraternity. Being a constant stalwart for the students, MECRC will undoubtedly turn out to be one of the best Alma-Maters history has witnessed, driving its student community in the rightful direction and being a vital source of motivation for all its students. The student community is the sure depiction of the college's academic potential & all-round development. It, therefore, becomes essential to weave a strong alumni net through which the friendly ties will grow even more friendlier & all those associated with it, will cherish the beautiful relationships forever.

MECRC surfaced on the face of MARWAR in 2003. It has successfully nurtured its 5 batches (batch 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010 & 2011). After few initial hiccups, MECRC is now soaring greater heights day-by-day under the wonderful direction of Prof. (Dr.) V.K. Bhansali . We're not being highfalutin, for press says it all!

Directions/rules for the Alumni Association:

  • A committee is organized to coordinate the activities of the alumni association
  • The meeting of the localites is scheduled every year in the month of August.
  • The formal alumni meet is held every year during the month of October.
  • Alumni meets are an amalgamation of some surprise events, some guest lectures, some rejuvenating memories & a plethora of fun-filled moments that we all are going to cherish forever.

So join us to get it going!!

  • The ex-students may also be invited for some expert lectures or as chief guests on some special events organized/celebrated in our college round the year.
  • All the ex-MECRCians should join hands and make their alumni association a phenomenal success.
  • It is to note that not only the students but the entire MECRC family is a part of the ALUMNI ASSOCIATION.
Success is a very delicious cuisine, and it gets even more delicious & sumptuous when you have your loved ones (your parents, your friends, your relatives, your gurus etc.) to raise the toast with you, isn't it!!

What do the parents & well-wishers crave for???

Well-wishers only crave to see their saplings turn into robust & beautiful trees depicting sanctity & humility.

We all would like to make you feel even more better by applauding you & honouring you, for it's only the motivation & inspiration that fan the flames of hardwork.

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