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Training Guidelines
It has often been a misconception that the training period is just a matter of enjoyment. In the present competitive world, it has become necessary to take it seriously so that it could lay a strong foundation for your corporate/institutional future ahead. It has become essential to change the mindset of the young junta of our talented students. The students should realize the fact that the purpose of training is to act as an add-on to their regular academic programme. So, the training period is the most important part of any student's life because it enables the student to get a feel of the practical aspects of learning & working in tandem.

****All the students of B.Tech. III Year who are proceeding for their training schedule of 30 days have to abide by the following rules and guidelines in the right earnest.
  1. Plan an appropriate training programme and select a good & reputed training place so that you really get to know the ins& outs of the technical training
  2. Develop a good rapport with your training In charge/Manager from the day one itself & get all the required details of that person (as in: e-mail id, contact no.s etc.)
  3. A trainee should go with a mindset that he could LEARN FROM ANYONE AND ANYWHERE. Shakespeare has rightly said: "We can even learn from trees"
  4. As we know that the human relationships are an important part of our professional career as well as life. So, the students should try to develop cordial relations with the colleagues/workers at his workplace/training place. The role /job of HR Managers is, therefore the most challenging.
  5. One should develop a skill to extricate knowledge from others. To get to know what others already know is an art. If you wish to know something, you should have tactics to convince the concerned person so that you get the desired information from him easily.
  6. "Learning is a continuous process". Nobody on this earth can aver/say that he knows everything. So, be a curious learner and a sincere listener so that you get to explore new things and thereby be able to enhance your knowledge database
  7. Alvin Toffler has rightly said that the present economy is a knowledge-based economy where ideas rule the world. So, try to inculcate the skill of generating innovative ideas so that you could develop a new product/model/project/system/paper of its own kind.
    "A Person who has Ideas, & that too innovative ones, Rules"

  8. Get the proper details about the place of training, accommodation, etc. from the websites or from your friends/relatives who might be the local residents of that place
  9. No constraint on the Location, Choice of Institution/Company, Platform/Technology etc.
  10. Before your departure, give your personal details (Company/Institute Name, Location, Contact No.s, E-mail id etc.) to your Training Supervisor (College).
  11. Display yourself well at the training place so that it leaves a good impression on the minds of the company executives and open up a smooth way for your juniors for their training.(You carry the reputation of your college on your shoulders ,once you are out for some work/training etc. ) So, keep up the dignity of your college
  12. Be a good listener, an inquisitive learner, an ardent follower of the company norms & above all, be a disciplined and a punctual Professional.
  13. Be meticulous in your work & try to learn something better and something new so that you could have a good academic growth after a schedule of 45 days.
  14. Do some good amount of research on the company's work culture, company's strategy etc.
  15. Display your Leadership qualities & Communication skills, if desired.
  16. Give an excellent indication of a good spirited team work.
  17. Apart from your regular training curriculum, carry out a detailed study on any of the latest technologies and prepare a good paper during your training session.
  18. Select such a Technology/Platform that could help you in your academic growth, If, in case, the company has some options, otherwise, work as the company desires.

    *****Try your level best to work on some of the company's live projects, if, allowed to do so*******

  19. Maintain a proper documentation from day one itself so that you could reproduce that later on
  20. Try to get your own feedback from the Manager/Training Incharge, if possible
  21. Once your training schedule gets over, start developing the proper documentations (Reports, Presentations, and Papers etc.)
  22. Avoid Static Projects (Particularly CSE students) which include only a study etc. Being an Engineer Trainee, go for a good dynamic project (esp. CSE students) that depicts the culmination of your attained technical knowledge during your college time. **Other Branches (ECE, EE, ME) have the options of Static Projects/Reports etc.**
  23. Abide by the standard rules of the project report format so that there is a professional touch to the work you have accomplished
  24. Submit a report that gives a brief introduction of the company/institute you visited, along with their work culture & your training experience.
  25. If you face any problem regarding training at any point of time, contact your faculty in-charge immediately
  26. Give your regular feedback (once a week) to your concerned Supervisor so that your progress/performance chart could be traced
  27. Avoid giving the directly downloaded reports. First, go through the entire matter and then try to give a gist of the related data so that your knowledge depth could be interpreted properly.
************ONE MOST IMPORTANT ADVICE************
Never criticize your college/city/family/friends in front of the other people/outsiders because it creates your bad impression/image on the minds of the other people. If you are criticizing your stalwarts, you will take no time to criticize that new company/institute/person also. So, please avoid committing this blunder/blooper at your training place/workplace. Project the good qualities of your college/city because your reputation depends upon your college's/city's dignity/prestige in the society/country.
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